Popular Workshops

    Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence: For God’s Sake Get a Grip!
    As Christians we are not immune to events that shake our emotions.  
    Unfortunately, we do not always respond to such events in a godly
    manner. Instead we let our emotions run amok! However, Proverbs 4:
    23 says, “Keep and guard your heart (emotions) with all diligence.”
    Participants at this workshop will learn biblical principles for managing
    emotions in five areas that influence personal effectiveness and
    interpersonal relations.

    Enhance Your Effectiveness at Work: Working in Holiness!
    Whether you are in a supervisory, non-supervisory or an executive
    position, as a Christian you are to walk in holiness in the workplace.  
    You are to exemplify godly character in your dealings with believers and
    nonbelievers alike. God’s word provides instructions for Christian
    conduct and performance in all areas of work life. This workshop
    covers such topics as:
  •    Biblical Basis for Working
  •    The Supervisor/Employee Relationship
  •    Communicating Effectively
  •    God’s Model of Conflict Resolution
  •    Godly Decision-making

    Enhance Your Marriage Relationship: Myers Briggs Type Indicator
    (MBTI ) Workshop for Married and Engaged Couples       
    A godly marriage relationship is one of mutual love and submission.  
    However, although your marriage is a “match made in heaven” you and
    your spouse probably experience some personality issues that impact
    your relationship. In this fun, interactive workshop participants will
    develop a better understanding of their individual personality, how it
    may influence their marriage relationship, and biblical principles for
    handling personality conflicts.

    Gifted for Your Purpose:  Discover and Use Your Spiritual Gifts!
    You’ve read The Purpose Driven Life and are convinced that God
    created you to do a work for Him. Now you’re wondering, what and how!
    God gives believers spiritual gifts to carryout the purpose He has for
    their lives.  However, many do not understand the nature of spiritual
    gifts or have not identified their unique gifts. This workshop clears up
    the mystery!  Participants will learn:

  • The nature, purpose, and description of the spiritual gifts
  • Their unique spiritual gifts and how they can be used in ministry
  • The proper attitude for using the spiritual gifts.

    Leading Church Growth: Leadership Competencies for Lay Leaders
    The pastor has shared with the members God’s vision for the growth of
    the church.  It’s now time for church leaders to help bring the vision to
    fruition! This workshop will enable church leaders to understand their
    role in facilitating all areas of church grow.  Topics include:
  •        The Nature and Role of the Church
  •        The Myths and Facts about God’s Vision
  •        The Nature, Role, and Characteristics of Lay
  •         Leadership
  •        The 10 Competencies of Effective Church Leaders
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