More than ever the local church recognize the benefits of a well-trained
congregation. Training not only improves church operations, it enhances
believers performance in every area of life: professional, ministry and family
relations. Consequently, a Bible-based training program has become the
foundation of churches that strive to equip God's people to serve Him in

Pearl of Wisdom provides customized training and development solutions to
meet each church's unique needs.  Below are examples of services available.

  • Church Staff Development
  • Leadership Retreat/Conference Coordination and Facilitation
  • Personality and Behavioral Assessments
  • Spiritual Gift Assessment
  • Women's Retreats and Conferences
  • Membership Development Workshop
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator for Married and Engaged Couples

Word of Wisdom articles, written by Dr. Smith, provide biblical insight into
situations believers face in everyday life.  
Faith-Based Services
by Christianity Today